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Nekodra L.

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          Nekodra is a Washingtonian through and through. Maybe it has something to do with having lived in the Pacific Northwest all her life or her obsession for Vampires- but she is adverse to sunny days and enjoys a good rain storm. 

          She is in a long term relationship -since 2007- and now married. She currently works in QA for a day job. Nekodra spends her days off writing and aside from her passion of writing about Vampires, she also enjoys drawing, crocheting (other crafts) and occasionally cosplay making. You can find some of her old artwork here: also a few timelapse drawings on youtube.

           You can also follow up on updates of art or about her upcoming stories by following her on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page. 

           You can contract her through social media or email her at

Nekodra the 


This lovely drawing was done by Miha-

if you click on the image you can see other wonderful works of art by her.

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