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My current Cosplays- 

My first cosplay is my Pokemon Breeder, which I did at Sakura-con for several years. Then in 2014 I did a group Cosplay of Outlaw Star- (2015) we did a Sailor Moon group Cosplay.  Sakura con (2016) we did a group Steven Universe cosplay. Sakura (2017) floundered and ended up doing a Mavis cosplay, ended up only wearing it Friday... 

Upcoming WIP for Sakura con 2019! Stay tuned

Will update with pictures as new cosplays are done. :)


My Popuko from Pop Team Epic Cosplay. Also for Sakura con 2018.

Farmer Outfit - Steven Universe

My Farmer Outfit, Steven Universe Cosplay for Sakura con 2018 - I failed to actually get a photo at the Con except a few selfies.

Mavis Dracula

My Mavis from Hotel Transylvania Cosplay for Sakura con 2017 - I failed to actually get a photo at the Con other then one photo with Matthew Mercer but I was wearing my glasses, etc. either way, oops.

Steven Universe

My Steven Universe for Sakuracon 2016!

Liv Moore

My Liv Moore from iZombie cosplay complete with a brain filled lunch. (Halloween 2015)


My Chibiusa in Mamoru's shirt from Sailor Moon cosplay. (Sakura-con 2015)

Jim Hawking

My Jim Hawking from Outlaw Star Cosplay (Sakura-con 2014)

Blue Pokemon Breeder

My Blue Pokemon Breeder Cosplay. My first Cosplay. (2013)

If you see me at a con say Hi! And- if you take a picture and share it online- please share it with me! Fill out the form below with a link to the picture- Thank You! ^_^

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