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Selflove Bunbuns

The SelfLove Bunbuns started with Ellee, a gift to myself.
Spun of magic- each yarn was handspun by me with specific affirmations.  A gift to remind myself that I was worth all the time and energy it took to make them. 
I made them as a comfort on hard days.
I made them as a reminder to take better care of myself.
I made them as a reminder I am worth being care for.
I made them as a sensory tool for my ADHD & Autism- the smell of yarn & Lavender, the texture of the yarn, the tangling yarn, the smooth shell button.

Check my shop
Sometimes I will have already made & sometimes I will have a listing for a custom order available.
I am also planning to make stickers of some of the bunbun made so far. 


Ellee - The OG Selflove Bunbun

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